Navitar Industries

Navitar Gains Leading IR Optical Designers

Hyperion Development is now Navitar Industries, LLC

Recently acquired by Navitar, Hyperion Development specializes in infrared optical design including multi-FOV and multispectral zoom systems and high resolution visible 4K lenses. As with Navitar, Hyperion has a long history of providing optical systems for defense, surveillance and border security applications.

We are pleased to bring Hyperion under the Navitar company name to offer our customers added optical design capabilities. With Hyperion Development's 30+ years of lens design experience, Navitar will continually push the envelope on optical designs that balance stunning image quality, high yield and unprecedented as built performance

  • UV, Visible and Infrared Lenses
  • Projection
  • Telecentric
  • Zoom Lenses
  • High Dynamic Range Lenses
  • Medical Lenses
  • Mobile Imaging Lenses
  • Semiconductor Process Lenses


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