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LatticeGear Uses Navitar's 12X Zoom in the LatticeAx 420
Industry: Industrial Imaging
Customer: LatticeGear
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Navitar 12X Zoom
Navitar 12X Zoom

About LatticeGear:

LatticeGear is focused on helping their customers get to the business of imaging and analysis faster, by developing innovative, easy to use cleaving and scribing solutions. From high accuracy cleaving (HAC) systems, to kits that take the guesswork out of selecting supplies for a specific use case, LatticeGear solutions offer a unique approach that alleviates many of the challenges of typical cleave and scribe methods.

Application Details:

LatticeGear’s flagship product, the LatticeAx Cleaving System, enables better cleaving accuracy and quality relative to manual methods and therefore improving cleaving throughput and reducing sample loss. The 420 model is LatticeGear’s highest performance cleaving solution, delivering a cleaving accuracy of 10-μm in <5 min.  The patent pending LatticeAx base is integrated with a complete vision package that includes a monocular microscope with 4-μm optical resolution, color CCD camera and real-time image acquisition and display software, as well as X-Y stage.  This dedicated cleaving workstation is used to survey, align, micro-indent, cleave and inspect any sample by any user.

The LatticeAx is versatile and simple.  It is used to prepare cross-sections for direct observation in the SEM and other applications needing accurately cleaved samples. Applications include prep for Broad Beam ion milling or polishing, target localization prior to FIB and creating uniform samples for analysis tools with non-wafer scale stages.

How Navitar Optics are Incorporated:

To accommodate our customers’ need for high cleaving accuracy of small features as well as large field of view, we chose to integrate Navitar’s 12X zoom lens on the LatticeAx 420 cleaving machine. This solution provides our customers with high resolution and quality, coupled with robustness and excellent support.



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