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High Mag Zoom Lenses Meet the Demands of Optek Metrology System
Industry: Metrology
Customer: OPTEK
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12X Zoom & Zoom 6000 High Mag Imaging Lenses
12X Zoom & Zoom 6000 High Mag Imaging Lenses

OPTEK’s VideoMic VSA, is a precision coordinate video inspection and measurement system that provides rapid, non-contact 3-axis coordinate measurement with speed and accuracy. It allows operators to verify critical dimensions on first articles, production samples, or entire runs. With tolerance reporting, thresholds can be set to enable timely corrections to the process or, when necessary, interrupt production to minimize scrap. Its high magnification optics relay images to a high resolution CCD camera, then to a frame grabber where sub-pixeling algorithm permits sub-micron measurements.

A magnified view of the feature being measured is displayed on the screen and can be stored with all relevant data or printed on the optional color printer. Once measured, the feature coordinates can be stored, analyzed, and/or exported to other software programs for further in-depth analysis.

Operations Technology integrates both Navitar the Zoom 6000 and 12X Zoom high magnification lenses into their VideoMic line allowing for preset, calibrated magnifications with specifications from 25X to 2000X to match feature sizes. Navitar accessories and subassemblies, such as on-axis lighting, ultra long working distance objective lenses and lens coupling tubes, are also incorporated into the system and help OPTEK to address nearly all of their customer’s demands.

Richard Amon, President of OPTEK, comments “Our long-standing relationship with Navitar ensures quality products, prompt service, and leading edge optical design development to keep us ahead of the competition.”

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