Case Study
Touch Screen Illumination Comes to Life with Navitar ScreenStar Lens
Industry: Interactive Display
Customer: GestureTek
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0.65X HD ScreenStar® Lens - Wide Angle Converter
0.65X HD ScreenStar® Lens - Wide Angle Converter
A Look at GestureTek

GestureTek Inc. is a leader in gesture recognition technologies for presentation, information and entertainment systems. With patented single camera, multiple camera and 3D-vision solutions, GestureTek’s video gesture control technology lets people use hand and body motions to control dynamic computer content on any screen, surface, or camera-enabled device with no need to wear, hold or touch anything special.

GestureTek Application

The 55" Illuminate Multi-Touch Table, is part of GestureTek’s line of multi-touch technology solutions that can actually transform any table, bar, counter or other flat surface into an interactive multi-touch computing surface. The Multi-Touch table lets people use hand and finger gestures to interact with multi-media content, access corporate information, play games, create special effects, manipulate art and photographs, even view advertising, in a truly unique and compelling way. The Multi-Touch table is often used in applications for retail stores, stadiums, corporate board rooms, nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions, tradeshows and other public spaces where interactive kiosk-style multimedia is desired.

Navitar Solution

GestureTek used the Navitar HD ScreenStar 0.65X lens in the first version of the company's 55" Illuminate Multi-Touch interactive table display system to augment the capability of the projector. Navitar's lens functioned as a wide angle adapter that was placed in front of the existing lens. The Multi-touch Table was 55" in diameter and stood only 36" high. By incorporating Navitar's wide angle adapter, GestureTek was able to get a larger picture from a short distance. The addition of the conversion lens added 50% to the image size over the same distance. GestureTek was pleased with the outcome the HD ScreenStar provided, and commented “Navitar was responsive to our requests and actually met us at our location on several occasions.”


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