Case Study
Custom Lenses Used For Discovery & Development Research in Lifesciences
Industry: Biotechnology / Nanotechnology
Customer: BioForce Nanosciences
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Custom Z6K UltraZoom Lens
Custom Z6K UltraZoom Lens

About BioForce Nanosciences:

BioForce Nanosciences, Inc. develops and commercializes nanotech instruments, consumables and applications for the lifesciences. Their products and solutions are suited for academic and industrial customers based upon ultra-micro to nano scale fluid deposition platform.

Application Details:

BioForce’s flagship product, the Nano eNabler™ molecular printer gives the company and its customers a platform for development and discovery. It prints tiny domains of biological materials, such as biomolecules, nanoparticles and other liquids onto a wide variety of surfaces with nanometer spatial precision.

The system prints spots and lines from 1 to 60 microns, 100msec printing cycle, 20 nm stage resolution, 50 mm XY travel with multiplexing ability. It is faster and more flexible than conventional technologies and opens doors for innovation in various fields of biotechnology, nanotechnology and medicine. Specifically it is used in applications for cell patterning, biosensor functionalization, biomarket screening, virus detection, drug discovery and small volume bioassays.

How Navitar Optics are Incorporated:

BioForce technology requires the capability for real-time imaging at high magnification to visualize and characterize the microfluidic cantilever-based printing process, without sacrificing low magnification imaging. After less than satisfactory experiences with a competitor, BioForce turned to Navitar for help. The solution devised by Navitar engineers was an imaging system with motorized focus and zoom that combined custom and standard products to provide outstanding results when paired with a 10x or 20x Mitutoyo long working distance objective.

The solution was easily integrated into BioForce’s Nano eNabler™ system to replace the previous optics. The new design received positive feedback from BioForce’s customers. Due to this projects success, BioForce has selected Navitar to provide the imaging system for their new Cyto eNabler™ system that has been developed specifically for the cell biology market.

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